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Joanna Thomas Art

Rose- Print

Rose- Print

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The essence of nostalgia and cherished memories unfurls with the presence of roses, forever entwined with the tapestry of my upbringing.  When I embarked on the journey of owning my first home, a deep red rose, with its intoxicating scent, greeted me, evoking a flood of emotions.

Inspired by the profound connection these roses held in my heart, I embarked on an artistic voyage, capturing their timeless beauty through the medium of graphite. I sought to preserve the delicate intricacies and the enchanting aura that surrounded these beloved flowers, forever etching their essence onto paper. May it serve as a testament to the power of fragrant blooms, forever etched in the fabric of our lives. Embrace the comforting nostalgia that these roses invoke and let their presence bring solace, joy, and a reminder of the timeless bonds that shape our existence.

This contemporary print captures the essence of my original graphite drawing. Using 200gsm acid free paper and the meticulous techniques of fine art Giclee printing, this matte finish print brings my beautifully detailed art to your home.

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