"While her roots trace back to Brisbane, where she devoted nearly two decades to educating in Visual Art, Science, and Horticulture, Joanna's artistic journey has led her to a profound love for plants and their captivating allure."

My childhood memories are adorned with the splendour of gardens and the lushness of flourishing flora that surrounded me. However, it was when I acquired my first home that my passion for plants truly blossomed. Fuelling this newfound ardor, I pursued and obtained my Diploma of Horticulture, immersing myself in the knowledge and practice of cultivating nature's wonders. Alongside horticulture, I also dabbled in the realm of garden design, seeking to craft harmonious landscapes that celebrated the artistry of nature.

As life gracefully wove the tapestry of my own family, I embarked on the delicate balancing act of nurturing a home and fostering my artistic endeavours. Drawing has always held a special place in my heart since my earliest days, and the opportunity to intertwine my ardor for sketching with my love for plants felt like an exquisite symphony of purpose. In nature's embrace, there exists an ethereal beauty that beckons us to pause, observe, and delve into the intricate tapestry of structure and detail that adorns every plant and flower.

  • An ardent participant in the Bowral Botanical Group and a proud member of the Botanical Art Society of Australia (BASA). I was pleasantly surprised to be awarded a highly commended at the 2022 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show for my Bearded Iris graphite drawing.

  • I find solace and inspiration in the collective passion for botanical art. These affiliations nurture my growth as an artist, fostering connections and collaborations that enrich my creative journey.

  • With each stroke of my brush and every graphite line delicately etched, I aspire to capture the essence of nature's botanical wonders and to share their exquisite beauty with the world. It is my heartfelt desire to immerse others in the enchanting realm of botanical art, inviting them to join me in appreciating the intricate marvels that grace our natural world.

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