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Joanna Thomas Art

Pine Cone

Pine Cone

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Nestled behind our home, two mighty Pine trees stand as guardians of cherished memories, invoking a poignant nostalgia for the halcyon days of my childhood in Brisbane. Like ancient sentinels, they silently bear witness to the transformative journey from carefree innocence to the responsibilities of adulthood.

Oh, how those towering Pines transport me back to a time when the world was an endless realm of possibility, beckoning us to explore its hidden treasures. Mounted on our trusty bicycles, we embarked on grand adventures through the streets of our beloved neighbourhood, fueled by youthful curiosity and boundless energy.

In the embrace of those towering giants, the pine cones became cherished symbols of growth and transition. Each cone held within its weathered scales the essence of our evolving lives, mirroring the unfolding chapters of our collective narrative. They embodied the natural cycle of maturation, a gentle reminder of the passing years and the inexorable march toward adulthood.
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