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Joanna Thomas Art

King Protea

King Protea

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Enveloped in the tenderness of a bouquet, this Protea captivated my senses the moment it graced our home. As its petals unfurled, I felt an irresistible urge to dismantle the arrangement and capture the essence of this extraordinary flower through the stroke of my pencil.

Within the intricate layers and velvety textures of this Protea, a world of artistic challenges awaited me. Yet, it was precisely these complexities that fueled my passion and dedication, driving me to transcend the boundaries of my own abilities. With each stroke of graphite upon the pristine surface of Acid Free Fabriano Disegno 200gsm paper, the essence of this stunning flower began to emerge.

The resulting artwork stands as a testament to the love and reverence I hold for this Protea. Its image, measuring 29 x 40cm, encapsulates the ethereal beauty that first captivated my gaze. Through delicate lines and meticulous shading, I sought to convey the unique character and intricate details that define this enchanting flower.

To further enhance its impact and create a visual symphony that resonates with the soul, this artwork has been thoughtfully framed and mounted. Nestled within the embrace of Tasmanian Oak, the Protea comes to life, its presence elevated and its essence preserved for eternity. The framed and mounted size of 44 x 55cm expands its reach, drawing the viewer into a realm where nature's marvels unfold before their eyes.

Preservation is of paramount importance, and as such, the original artwork is cherished within its own custom-made box. This box, carefully crafted to safeguard its delicate beauty, ensures a secure journey from artist to recipient. Guided by the hands of a courier, it will traverse the distance to your abode, unveiling its hidden splendor upon arrival.
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