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Joanna Thomas Art

Iris- Print

Iris- Print

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Embrace the poignant tale woven by this Iris germanica or Bearded Iris, a gift bestowed upon me by a dear friend. Initially uncertain about capturing its essence through art, a serendipitous moment unfolded, forever etching its beauty into my heart.
As I passed by the vase that cradled this delicate flower, a profound scene of life's fleeting nature revealed itself. A new bloom emerged, vibrant and full of life, while the older flower gracefully faded below, whispering of the passage of time. In that poignant juxtaposition, I found my inspiration—a visual narrative that encapsulated the ephemeral beauty and the stories that unfold within the petals.
From that evocative encounter, I embarked on an artistic endeavor, channeling the essence of this fleeting moment onto paper through the medium of graphite pencil, with a paper stump. Allow this artwork to evoke emotions within you, inviting you to pause and reflect on the transience of life and the beauty that exists within fleeting moments. May it serve as a reminder of the stories that unfold within the petals, and the profound impact a single flower can have on our hearts.

This contemporary print captures the essence of my original graphite drawing. Using 200gsm acid free paper and the meticulous techniques of fine art Giclee printing, this matte finish print brings my beautifully detailed art to your home.

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