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Joanna Thomas Art

Dying Strelitzia

Dying Strelitzia

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The 'Bird of Paradise' is a marvel of nature, its flower displaying a mesmerizing structure that beckons to be immortalized on paper. Flourishing within the haven of my garden, these ethereal blooms grace the seasons with their perennial charm. Typically solitary in their grandeur, there are rare moments when a splendid double blossom emerges, captivating the soul with its extraordinary allure.

Moved by its inherent beauty, I was compelled to capture the essence of this remarkable flower through the medium of graphite. As the blooms and leaves gracefully enter their twilight phase, their delicate and fading forms invite the strokes of my pencil, revealing the profound beauty that resides within the cycle of life.k

This poignant drawing, a cherished piece among a series, embodies the essence of the 'Bird of Paradise' with astounding precision. Executed with the utmost care on Acid-Free Arto 200gsm paper, it breathes life into the intangible, capturing the delicate nuances and intricate details that make this flower a testament to nature's artistry. The image size of 29 x 40cm serves as a window into a world where the fragility of existence merges with enduring beauty.

To elevate its impact and ensure its preservation, this masterpiece has been meticulously framed and matted. Adorned with a black frame and a white mat featuring a black core, the artwork blossoms into a visual symphony, harmonizing contrasting elements to accentuate its emotional resonance. The framed and matted size of 44 x 55cm amplifies its presence, commanding attention and evoking an emotional response from all who behold it.

As this original artwork finds its way to your cherished collection, it arrives with great care, protected within its own custom-made box. This box, crafted with reverence and purpose, safeguards the delicate strokes and tender spirit of the 'Bird of Paradise,' ensuring its safe passage from artist to connoisseur.
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