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Joanna Thomas Art

Double Rose

Double Rose

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Within the transient dance of fleeting beauty, these two Roses emerged as they adorned the world with their radiant blooms, their allure extended beyond the pinnacle of perfection. It was during their graceful decline, as their heads began to bow and their petals embraced the gentle descent, that their true enchantment unfurled.

With tender strokes of graphite pencils on Arto acid-free 110gsm paper, I sought to capture the essence of this ephemeral journey. Each pencil stroke breathed life into the intricacies of the Roses' fading magnificence, immortalizing the delicate balance between life and transience. In this artistic exploration, I discovered the profound beauty hidden within the vulnerability of decline, an exquisite reminder of the ephemeral nature of existence.

To honour the essence of this artwork, it has been lovingly embraced by a professional frame, carefully constructed with acid-free materials. A white textured mat, adorned with a captivating black core, encircles the artwork, framing it with an elegant contrast that elevates its emotional resonance. Within this frame, the Roses' narrative unfolds, inviting contemplation and reverence.

Measuring 175mm in width and 205mm in height, the artwork itself is a testament to the intimate connection between fragility and resilience. Within the embrace of the white textured mat and black core, the framed composition expands to 323mm in width and 354mm in height, commanding attention and reverence within any space it graces.
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