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Joanna Thomas Art

Banksia Seedpod with Galls

Banksia Seedpod with Galls

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Drawn from the essence of coastal wanderings and cherished family moments, this remarkable Banksia Seedpod emerges as a treasured relic of our enchanting escapades along the sun-kissed shores of Seven Mile Beach on the resplendent South Coast of NSW. It was amidst the rhythmic symphony of crashing waves and the salty caress of the sea breeze that our youngest daughter discovered this precious gift from nature's embrace.

As the Banksia Seedpod nestled delicately in her tiny hands, its texture, and captivating form spoke volumes, beckoning me to embark on a journey of artistic interpretation. Every part of this botanical marvel, adorned with intricate galls, seemed to embody a tale waiting to be told. The connection between the seedpod and its surroundings became an artistic invitation impossible to resist.

The resulting artwork, professionally framed, stands as a testament to the timeless beauty captured within its delicate contours. Nestled within a white textured mat and embraced by a sleek 20mm black frame, this framed artwork exudes an air of refined elegance, ready to grace any space with its presence.

Its dimensions, an A3-sized (370mm H x 290mm W) artwork, finds its rightful place upon your wall, the framed artwork's overall dimensions of 512mm H x 430mm W become a testament to the power of art to transform spaces and ignite the imagination.

Ensuring the utmost care in its delivery, this masterpiece is entrusted to a custom-made box, crafted with the sole purpose of safeguarding its beauty throughout its journey to your doorstep. The inclusion of postage within the price ensures it arrives safely, accompanied by the anticipation of unveiling a cherished creation that will forever grace your walls.

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